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Student Activity Hub Resources

View informational resources pertinent to the Student Activity Hub and related topics

  • 21st-Century Analytics: New Technologies and New Rules by Vince Kellen
    • Today's designers of data analytics systems are using thirty-year-old mental models around scarcity of compute and are thus crippling their designs, not fully realizing how radically different 21st-century analytics has become.
  • UC Merced Research Brief on Canvas Alerts by Cinnamon L. Danube
    • This research brief examines the implementation of the First Year Early Alert Pilot Project in the spring 2022 semester at UC Merced. The project identifies intervention students who have late or missing submissions across their portfolio of courses or a lack of engagement with the LMS more generally. In doing so, it complements the support faculty provide in their individual courses. Improving outcomes for these students has the potential to better support first-year students and in turn improve campus retention rates. Making the most of this early alert resource will require robust campus partnerships and support. by Cinnamon L. Danube