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Use Cases & Reports

Sample SAH Use Cases Supported

(Use cases are only limited by institutional data and ideas!)


  • Prospective student demographics
  • Geographic location
  • Benchmark data analytics

Enrollment and retention

  • Retention reporting, retention tables
  • Graduation rate reporting
  • Enrollment trends reporting
  • Enrollment demographics, gender, ethnicity, user-definable attributes analysis

Students and courses

  • Student scheduling
  • Student rosters
  • Student grades
  • Difficult class/course analysis
  • Remote learning analysis
  • Curriculum, pedagogy improvement analysis

Classroom analysis

  • Facility utilization
  •  Under utilized classrooms
  • Over utilized classrooms
  • Classroom quality level and student success









Student success predictive analytics

  • High risk students graduation
  • High risk students year-to-year persistence
  • Impact of any aid on student success
  • Use of online curriculum, classes and persistence
  • Segment students in any way you need

Student progression monitoring

  • Students making insufficient progress
  • Students with too many classes
  • Class withdrawal analysis and student progress
  • Student athlete progression and grades

Student engagement (depending on source system)

  • Service/activity involvement and student success
  • Tutoring, supplemental instruction and student success
  • General advising and student success
  • Athletic involvement and student success

Instructors and classes

  • Instructor teaching load
  • Course grade distribution analysis

Comprehensive learner record (CLR) analysis

  • Top credentials/badges
  • CLR activity and student success

Learning management system (LMS) and digital curriculum

  • Usage by any time period
  • Usage by day of semester
  • Usage by hour
  • Events per day per class/student average trending
  • Active vs. passive content usage
  • Narrow vs. deep content usage
  • Usage by grade, student segment
  • Usage by student level
  • Student class engagement

Class participation

  • System logins by day
  • Late assignments
  • Sudden student drop off
  • Single class analysis
  • Student usage trending by day/week
  • Assignment performance and usage
  • LMS and digital content features use analysis
  • Video event analysis

Student segmentation and alerting/messaging

  • Class withdrawal alerting
  • At-risk student segmentation
  • Student/parent deadline reminder service for key dates







Tutoring, Supplemental Services Usage, Student Grades, GPA


Report Examples: LMS Usage, Active/Passive Events