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TritonGPTTritonGPT is a powerful AI-powered assistant developed by UC San Diego to provide comprehensive and reliable support to faculty and staff.It is a solution built on an advanced open source large language model (LLM) that is capable of answering a wide range of questions about UC San Diego. The language model used to power TritonGPT is Llama 2, an open source model that is optimized for dialogue.

TritonGPT is hosted at the San Diego Supercomputer Center in a secure environment. The combination of hosting an open source model in a secured, on premise environment helps to ensure UC San Diego has control over how our data is used and shared.

What can you do with TritonGPT?

TritonGPT is a powerful tool that can help you navigate UC San Diego's policies, procedures, and campus life. It can provide you with information and resources related to campus service and more. It's like having a personal assistant who knows a lot about UC San Diego.

Ask UC San Diego Related Questions: Pose questions like "What is the policy on employee travel reimbursement?" or "What are some good restaurants on campus?" TritonGPT will provide detailed and relevant information.

Content Generation: Need help with content creation? Try commands like "Generate an outline for a presentation slide deck based on <insert topic>" or Produce an email to thank my employees for <insert what you are thankful for>.

Document Summarization: Copy and paste documents or articles related to UC San Diego, then ask TritonGPT to summarize the content. It's a time-saving feature for extracting key information.

Content Editing: Utilize TritonGPT for editing and refining content related to UC San Diego. It's a valuable tool for polishing emails, reports, or any written material.

Seek feedback and suggestions: TritonGPT can provide feedback and suggestions to help you improve your work processes and procedures. You can ask questions like "What are some ways I can improve my communication skills in the workplace?" or "Are there any suggestions for streamlining our team's workflow?"

Ask for Recommendations: Seeking recommendations for UC San Diego events, study spots, or local hangouts? TritonGPT has you covered.

Collaboration Opportunities

Commercial offerings from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and others can be cost prohibitive to make widely available. The TritonGPT framework can be extended and used by any university as a lower cost alternative.