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Student Activity Hub 

The Student Activity Hub (SAH) is a data analytics platform designed for education institutions to help them gain deeper insights into student engagement and academic performance.


Top 5 Use Cases

Assignment Workload Overview

This dashboard displays assignment weights by due dates (for each week of the semester), providing an insight into workload distribution. Course A offered a weighted grade distribution, whereas Course B offered a balanced grade distribution.

Assignment Workload: Course A Assignment Workload: Course B

Assignment Submissions Status & Student Demographics

This dashboard displays assignment submission status broken down into various demographic groups including: first generation, underrepresented and international students. 

The dashboard snapshots below represent:

1) All students    2) 1st gen & under-rep students    3) 1st gen OR under-rep students    4) International students   5) Not 1st gen, Not under-rep students

Assignment Submission Status: All students  Assignment Submission Status: 1st Gen & Under-rep students  Assignment Submission Status: 1st Gen OR Under-rep Students

Assignment Submission Status: International Students  Assignment Submission Status: Not 1st Gen, Not under-rep students

Dashboard Posts & Student Activity

This dashboard showcases the number of discussion posts made by each student, which are further broken into various demographic groups.

Discussion Entries by various student demographics

Course Activity Heatmap (analyzed weekly)

This dashboard illustrates when students are most active with their coursework throughout the week.

Course Activity Heatmap

Developing & Using Dashboards

The SAH dashboards are developed by integrating student demographic data (1st gen, under-rep, international, transfer, 1st year students, etc.) with Canvas data

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