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A Multi-Institution Collaboration

Whether the need is Institutional, Engagement, Learning or Academic Analytics, the SAH allows for levels of analysis, research, and data mining never before available to stakeholders across the entire enterprise. Critical information can be secured in nanoseconds rather than seconds, minutes or in some cases days or weeks. The limiting Kimball data warehouse architecture from 30 years ago has been replaced with a cutting edge, state of the art SAP Hana SaaS platform that performs like a Ferrari and costs a fraction of current data analytics solutions. 

UC San Diego IT Services: Who We Are & What We Do

  • We are a premier public higher education institution within the University of California system

  • We are bringing innovative solutions developed at UC San Diego to the communities we serve

  • We wish to help all kinds of educational institutions in managing student data and using data and analytics to improve student success

  • We started making the Student Activity Hub solution available to K-12 and higher education in April of 2022. The same solution can work for both communities

  • We designed the solution to be flexible, under each organization’s full control, using a unique, first-class analytics platform

  • We are dedicated to frugality. We work hard to make SAH affordable, while still being the best and highest performing solution in the market


Designed to Give Our Clients Full Control

SaaS and/or IaaS: Software providers, schools, systems can establish the level of control they need:

  • Custom view construction: The core SAH views are easily ‘forkable’ enabling organizations to develop their own solutions. We can perform the customization work or the institution can. Either way! All views are written using ANSI SQL (2016)

  • Report building: Organizations can bring their own BI tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI, Cognos, etc.)

  • New source systems: Institutions are free to add their own activity tables (a type of data lake) to bring in data from new systems

  • Metadata management and daily operations: As views get created and modified, we have a metadata administrative console tool that enables speed-ups and selective freezing of data, allows for downstream applications to access SAH data. Institutions can administer their environment or let us do it for them

  • Data integration platform: We use Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, Go Anywhere and WSO2 API manager. Vendors, schools, institutions are free to choose their own integration tools and operate them or let us do it for them

  • Change management: Organizations get their own database container. Each organization can establish how and when they want changes or enhancements to be implemented

  • Flexbility: Organizations can collaborate with us and each other, if they wish, on shared views, sharable visualization workbooks, analytic insights and potential external funding opportunities. We can let software providers OEM the Student Activity Hub to enhance their solutions. We enable consultants to use the platform to enhance their services on behalf of their clients

The SAH Can Be Used to Support Just-in-Time Student Help


Using high-speed analytic technology, the SAH can accommodate up-to-the-minute information to develop targeted or personalized class and student help in a manner that is designed, managed and controlled by the school or system.