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Canvas Data and Student Retention Analysis: A Match Made in Heaven!

Have you ever dreamed of combining your LMS data seamlessly with your Student Information System (SIS) data? Have you ever wondered how your students’ interaction through your LMS is a predictor of student retention and success? Learn how UC San Diego uses Student Activity Hub to blend and analyze billions of rows of caliper events emitted from Instructure Canvas and its Student Information System (SIS) to find leading indicators of retention risks before it’s too late!

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  • Poll: What is the current stage of governance within your institution?
    • Contemplation but not much constructive action - 26%
    • Initial stages of action and design - 46%
    • Active engagement and implementation - 23%
    • Mature and refined governance strategy - 5%

Visualizing Canvas Online Learning with the Student Activity Hub

This webinar offers a demonstration of some interesting analysis and visualizations built using Tableau and the Student Activity Hub, which can be used to understand online learning. Timeliness of submissions, participation in the class and grades-specific use cases and their relevant Tableau workbooks anchor the dialog.

Dr. April Yan, Learning Analytics Specialist, and April Cha, Senior Instructional Designer, from the Teaching + Learning Commons at UC San Diego, share some data analytics use cases that examine online learning behavior using the extremely fast and highly affordable UC San Diego Student Activity Hub platform.

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Data-Informed Decision-Making with Student Activity Hub: Use Cases from Academic Programs

This webinar provides demonstrations and discussions of real world “use cases” using Tableau and the Student Activity Hub. 

Marcela Alvarez, Director of Data Analytics and Reporting from UC San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering and Rachael Lapidis, Strategic Program Manager at UC San Diego’s School of Social Sciences will share analysis and visuals built using the Student Activity Hub and discuss how they’ve streamlined recurring reporting, ad hoc analysis and more. Together these analysts will share how the Student Activity Hub can advance student retention and success, raise graduation rates, and has helped UC San Diego achieve critical organizational goals.

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Organizational Readiness for Analytics & Engaging a Community in Analytics

This webinar offers a presentation and discussion around “Organizational Readiness for Analytics & Engaging a Community in Analytics" featuring the Student Activity Hub (SAH). 

New and exciting things are happening through the world of analytics. How do you get your organization ready? How do you support your organization through this exciting time? Sarah Parnell, UC San Diego’s Analytics Community of Practice Manager and Eric Hoffman, Practice Director, Data and Analytics at Moran Technology will share insights, best practices, tips and tricks addressing successful support beyond the technical implementation. 

Sarah is the community manager for UC San Diego data analysts leveraging the SAH and other Activity Hubs. Eric currently consults with universities across the country to help build and refine their analytics practices.

How the Student Activity Hub Eats Two Billion Rows of Data for Lunch on a Tight Budget

Is your institution looking to upgrade its analytics platforms to help drive student success, student learning, early intervention and retention, but also facing real world financial constraints? If so, watch this presentation and discussion around “How the Student Activity Hub Eats Two Billion Rows of Data for Lunch on a Tight Budget”.
Dr. Vince Kellen, Chief Information Officer for the University of California San Diego, and Scott Lee, one of UC San Diego’s Enterprise Architects, lead a discussion around these themes as well as take you ‘under the hood’ to see just how the Student Activity Hub can help you achieve your organizational goals without costing a fortune.
Dr. Kellen is the principal architect for UC San Diego’s Student Activity Hub as well as Financial, Employee and Research Hubs, which drive the University’s analytical capabilities across a 100,000+ user community.
Scott Lee has 30+ years experience driving large-scale technological transformations at KPMG, PWC, Bearing Point, Dell and within Higher Education, and has played a pivotal role as an Enterprise Architect for the Enterprise System Renewal program.